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Help hungry and injured stray cats & dogs

by Dr. Gowin A. C. Okpattah
Created | Accra
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The problem of stray cats and dogs and a rabies epidemic underway in most parts of the rural areas of the Greater Accra Region is very acute. A high number of stray dog bites are recorded out of which averagely 24 were positive for rabies. As a result, most of the street dogs and cats are trapped and killed or poisoned. I was immediately driven to act to rescue these poor animals. I am actively helping to reduce the suffering of the hungry, injured and homeless cats and dogs in Ghana and advocate humane behaviour by providing food, rescue and veterinary care where needed.

Cats and dogs will be euthanized or trapped and eaten if we don't come to their help. To be able to help more cats and dogs in, we need to be able to pay for their feeding and veterinary bills that come along with them. A lot of money is needed to give these furry babies a chance they deserve.

All funds raised will be for Sancore animal rescue and shelter who are helping in rehabilitating the animals and desperately need funding right now. They are a registered non-profit organization that does fantastic work saving many animals every year. This rescue organization will put every single dollar received to great use saving as many cats and dog's lives. Proof of transfer receipts will be posted on social media so you can see exactly where your donation has gone. I want to give the rescue the best chance possible of saving as many cats and dogs as possible. I would be incredibly grateful for any donations that you can spare to help cats and dogs get out of the shelter and into warm and loving homes.

Abandoned, abused and injured, countless sweet senior and special-needs cats and dogs some torn from the only homes they have known and placed in cages to await probable euthanasia.
However, with your help, many of these animals can have a second chance.

These poor street cats and dogs struggle to find food and search for a safe place to sleep. They will never know what it is like to be petted, snuggled and loved. They must battle to find food to stay alive. They must be hoping for help. No one is coming to help them.

We will do everything we can to help these poor furry babies. I am trying to make a difference in their lives. We cannot do this alone, we need your help. We have dedicated our future into helping these animals.

Donations are needed to help fund the enormous project that we are taking on. Feeding is a daily expense that is ongoing. Veterinary visits, surgeries and medication add up fast. Every dollar counts, no amount is too small. Please help give them a small chance at sleeping without the pain of hunger, and help prevent the birthing of so many unwanted puppies and kittens.

We have taken the challenge for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and, in particular, to help Sancore animal rescue and shelter provide and maintain a rescue home and other facilities for their reception, care and treatment of such animals. There is a desperate need for a durable shelter, a used mobile veterinary clinic, surgical supplies and funding to continue the vital work. We should not need to cut each piece of gauze in half in order to make ends meet.
For every cent we raise, one dog or cat will be able to receive some feeding and veterinary care. A contribution from you, no matter the amount, will make a big difference in the life of a homeless, sick, injured or abused animal.
  • I always reminded myself to give back to society in whatever small ways I can find. This I'd like to fundraise to rescue and put up a shelter for stray dogs and cats. After some research I have decided on this charity with a pressing cause:

    We will and are providing shelter and adoption services for furry friends in need of permanent new homes. The toughest struggle is making rent every month, providing for veterinary care. spay/neuter and we are desperate for sponsorship. We have launched a new campaign where all we are asking for is on-going monthly support of any amount and I thought, wouldn't it be great if we can come up with a full month's amount up-front to buy them a little time until we are able to find enough sponsors? Every little contribution is bound to make a doggy's life that little bit better!

  • These veterinary medical supplies made its way all the way from International Veterinary Care, Inc., Mishawaka, IN, to Us in Accra, Ghana. Our Animal rescue and Shelter helps hundreds of stray dogs and cats by providing veterinary medical care, vaccinations and finding permanent homes for homeless animals. We are very grateful for the donations from International Veterinary Care, Inc.!

  • By vaccinating stray, homeless dogs and cats we are helping to drive grassroots movements to eradicate the canine-transmitted zoonotic disease - rabies. Every year about 60,000 people die globally from rabies. The funds collected also go for spaying/neutering of cats and dogs. Your help is very much needed to keep our mission going.