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Help the Boy-Child Too!

by Mary Sarpong Kumankuma
Created Nov 20, 2020 | Accra
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It is true the feminine gender is undoubtedly marginalized globally. If not, women rising to higher public positions or places of authority would not always be making headline news anywhere at all in the world. From America having its first female vice-president since its inception as a country to Ellen J. Sirleaf making history becoming the first-ever Head of State in Africa.
The global perspective is nothing different from what is happening in the Ghanaian space. Making history with instances such as having the first female speaker of parliament, to having the first chief justice, electoral commissioner, vice-chancellors, etc. No wonder all attention is directed toward empowering the female gender anywhere at all in the world.
As a mother with children of both sexes, I have witnessed my female wards coming from their school with educative materials about becoming the best woman any female can be. My female wards have brought home materials ranging from female-personal-hygiene, reproductive health, to sexual abuse as well as harassment. These occurrences are good and worth encouraging. Every mother cursorily will be happy to notice her female wards being assisted in such a manner.
Nevertheless, none of my male wards have come home with such materials on personal hygiene, reproductive health, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc. My observation in this regard is that the male child will always find a way to survive, with or without any form of emotional or philosophical assistance. This, hopefully not only in my view is disturbing, should be worrying for mothers like me, regardless of whether you have a female or male ward. Because, with such neglect, the male child is left without any formal assistance like those given the female counterparts to become better versions of themselves.
One of the sad consequences of such actions is that these unassisted male children become future fathers. Should we be surprised if these male children grow to become drug addicts, sexual offenders, bullies, irresponsible fathers, condescending towards women? My response is a big 'NO'. The reason is that collectively, we may have neglected our duty in shaping and programing the male child in a behavioral pattern that makes them the best candidates society desires to be the caring and responsible fathers, friendly brothers, protectors, and promoters of equity regardless of gender, etc.
In this sense, join in on this campaign as we try to mobilize any available resources, i.e. lobbying lawmakers, proposing to educators, etc., to design learning materials that enable us to collectively shape and program the minds and growth of our male children to become the best candidates society desires to be as caring and responsible fathers, friendly brothers, protectors and promoters of equity regardless of gender, etc.
For the 1st phase of this campaign, we the promoters intend to use funds raised from this campaign to raise awareness of the phenomenon massively on social media platforms. We shall hire a designer to create contents for distribution all across social media platforms as well as print out fliers and teasers for distribution along the streets of Accra, in schools, churches, offices, etc. to join in on this worthy course of action to salvage the future of the world. Because if the men maltreat the women, the women may not want to be with the men, and when that happens, the future would not be guaranteed considering that women do not want to be with men.
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    Nice campaign

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    Great initiative

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    Great initiative

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    As an NGO we back you.

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    good innitiative

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    good idea

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    my boy-child would be safe now.

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    Mary this is Kwame. Keep up the good work

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